Foster Care Homes

Each house has a housemother and 6 to 8 children.

Early Learning Centre

The Village has a centre for early learning development, which cater for 168 toddlers from Ya Bana and the surrounding community. We currently have 6 classrooms, (of which two is for Gr R).

Youth Living Centre

The Child and Youth care centre also provides services to the youth in a program for the over 18’s. Children who reaches the age of 18 have to leave the houses and are then enrolled in this program. The young person enters into a contract where they will be able to learn a skill or where further education will be provided.

Community Hall

The community hall serves as a meeting place, a communal eating place, facility to offer programs, not only for the Ya Bana inhabitants, but also for the surrounding community, a church and much more. The Community hall has an annexed industrial kitchen which will be catering for functions.

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